Stormalong Cider


Sherborn & Leominster, MA




Shannon Edgar
Ben Roberts-Sano

CiderGrown Batch: TASTING NOTES
Dark fruit flavors, notes of rhubarb, chocolate and caramel. Brightened by savory acidity, mellowed by malolactic fermentation, finishing with rich, tea-like tannin.  Third dryest in of the group but miles from sweet. 

What's in the can:


This blend was fermented in 4 different batches:
Batch A – Kingston Black (200 gallons) + Dabinett (75 gallons)– pH 3.71, Brix 15.1
Batch B – Dabinett (250 gallons ) – pH 4.2, Brix 14
Batch C – Kingston Black (275 gallons) – pH 3.65, Brix 13
Batch D – Legendary Dry base – 3200 gallon batch (400 gallons used in Cider Grown blend)  – Ashton Bitter, Ellis Bitter, Northern Spy, Wickson, Ida Red, Golden Delicious.  pH 3.65, Brix 12.7


The ciders were fermented at 60 degrees and aged post-fermentation for up to 10 months.  The Legendary Dry base was aged in both stainless and a portion in oak barrels.  The smaller batches were fermented in totes and allowed to sit on the lees for 3 weeks post fermentation.  It’s a bit risky to ferment 100% Dabinett with a pH of 4.2, so we pitched a more aggressive yeast (DV10) directly after pressing the juice.  Pure Dabinett juice fermented is wonderful stuff though.  It lacks acid of course, but it has a rich, almost caramel like flavor and a beautiful deep red-brown color.  We have a friendly strain of lactobacillus in our cidery and typically allow some portion of malolactic fermentation to occur.  


The aged cider was finally blended together, filtered, and transferred to bright tank in our Leominster facility.  The final blend has a rich acidity that is the byproduct of malolactic fermentation.  The sour 'malic' acids present in the apples have been partially converted to 'lactic' acids.  The aged cider results in tannins that morph and bind together to coat the back of the tongue with a tobacco, tea like sensation.